Blackboard Migration Update


Dear Bb Users,
NOTE! will be phased out during Carnival (February 13th -16th).

  1. All courses currently being hosted on will be moved to commencing February 13th and ending February 16th.  During this period, any changes/updates made to the courses will not be available when the migration is completed. We therefore advise that there be no updates to courses and students should be advised not to submit any assignments to Blackboard during this period.
  2. You and your students will continue to have access to http://uttpilot.blackboard.comduring this time; however, any changes made or assignments submitted during this time will not be transferred.
  3. If all goes well, beginning February 17th, we will all use and http://uttpilot.blackboard.comwill cease to be accessible.
  4. Beginning February 17th, if you or your students try to log on to uttpilot you/they will be redirected to until you/they get used to using the new address.
  5. If you notice any of your courses missing after the transfer takes place, please let us know immediately (within the next two weeks) so that we can retrieve your course material before the uttpilot server is permanently shut down.
  6. Courses currently on will not be affected by these changes.
    We apologize for any inconvenience. If you have any questions, please contact Dr. André Cooper at