Rich Media Literacies and the Future of Education


Lev Gonick, Ulrich Rauch, Len Steinbach at UTT
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UTT, through its Learning Centre (TLC@UTT), recently co-sponsored a conclave for educators, technologists, students, community activists, publishers, the technology industry and an eclectic collection of fellow travelers, all of whom have an expressed interest in the future of education and the intersection of technology, economy, and the broad evolution of society. The topic of discussion was: Rich Media Literacies and the Future of Education. Led By Dr. Lev Gonick, VP Information Technology Services and CIO of Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland, Ohio, the meeting was held at Salybia Spa and Resorts from March 11-14, 2010. Participants from UTT included Ms. Jennifer Sampson, Special Advisor to Prof. Julien, Ms. Judy Lake, VP ITS and CIO, Ms. Jacqueline Morris, Instructor in the School of Cognition, Learning and Education, Prof. Michael Smith, Programme Professor, Information Computing and Telecommunications/Digital Media Studies and Professor Ulrich Rauch of The Learning Centre. The meeting was highly relevant to UTT as the institution embarks on deploying collaborative and engaging learning strategies across the curriculum delivered in part through advanced digital media technologies.

Dr. Lev Gonick (Case Western Reserve University) addressed new trends in education including more extensive uses of mobile computing devices and discussed the intersection of new technology trends with major developments in higher education in the United States. The presentation follows his annual “Year Ahead” blog which can be found at t_in_higher_education. Videos of the presentations can be found at