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The underlying philosophy of the Government of Trinidad and Tobago with respect to tertiary education as articulated in its Vision 2020 Action Plan 2002 - 2007, is to embark on a radical programme in support of post-secondary and tertiary education. Government envisages enrolment in tertiary institutions tripled within the next five to seven years and has identified the need for new universities and post secondary institutions with a different focus from the traditional tertiary level institutions. Accordingly, it is Government's intention not only to triple the number of persons having access to tertiary education, but to facilitate the development of a tertiary education sector that will enable the population to meet and surmount the challenges of globalization and liberalization.

There is ample cognizance of the impact on the national labour force of the impending CARICOM Single Market and Economy and the need to develop the country's knowledge capital and as a result its competitiveness in the regional job market.

The University of Trinidad and Tobago will provide a different focus to that which presently obtains. Drawing on the experiences of the various institutions which will fall under its ambit, and the maintenance of established partnerships and arrangements, the University will play its part in the development of a sophisticated society with the capacity for the application of cutting-edge information and knowledge.

The Role of UTT

The role of The University of Trinidad and Tobago is to meet the needs of Trinidad and Tobago for a highly trained and qualified technological manpower base. UTT has also established the Academy for Arts and Letters an integral and important part of the new university.

As technology changed over the years to suit the evolving global environment, so too have the human resource needs of the country. In reviewing these needs, several distinct engineering functions are identified with each function requiring its own set of specialized competencies and by extension, education, training and qualification.


  1. What year was the University of Trinidad and Tobago started?


  2. What was the name of the technical school located at the Point Lisas campus before the UTT was launched?

    Trinidad and Tobago Institute of Technology (TTIT)

  3. In which year was the San Fernando Technical Institute and the John S. Donaldson Technical Institute included as official UTT Campuses?


  4. The stylized Moriche Palm graduation gown was introduced in which year?


  5. The position of Provost was first filled by whom and in what year?    

    Prof KD Srivastava, 2004

  6. When was the Sports Scholarship Programme launched?      

    August 25, 2007

  7. Currently, UTT is comprised of how many campuses/site locations?        


  8. How many schools and how many academies are there at the University?

    Three schools & four academies