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 How do I join the library?

The Library is open to all registered students and all staff of the University of Trinidad and Tobago.
University Identification Card
Your University ID card is key to accessing the library's resources. You need it for borrowing items and signing up to use the computer. You are also required to present your ID at the request of any member of the library staff.


 How to Find Books and other Resources

Consult the online catalogue and/or the Card Catalogue 
The catalogue is the key to the library's resources.

The library catalogue can be searched by author, title, subject, classification or call number, subject or keyword. An online Help option as well as a printed handout is available to assist you, if required.
It is very important that you search the catalogue to find the information you want. The catalogue will tell you whether the library owns a particular resource and whether the item is available, or out on loan.
Once you have located the item you want in the catalogue, check its status to see whether it is available. Notice that the record contains a combination of letters and numbers. This is the call number and it also appears on the spine of the item. Take a note of this number and the location listed above it. These will assist you in finding the item on the shelf.


NOTE: Not all the library resources can be accessed through the computerized library catalogue. Please use the card catalogue which is arranged by:

1.Title             2. Author         3. Call Number
Proceed to the Shelves
In order to locate the item on the shelves, it is important for you check the Library of Congress -LC- Classification scheme on the charts opposite, as well as the signs indicating the collections. Resources in the Library are arranged into broad subject divisions according to this classification scheme. After checking the scheme, follow the library signs designating the different collections and go to the relevant section and shelf to locate the physical item. Should you experience problems locating an item, please consult any member of the library staff for assistance.

 How do I use the collection?

Most of the Library's collection is available on the open shelves and can be freely browsed and consulted. However, special conditions may apply for the borrowing of materials from some collections. Please be guided by these arrangements.


Library use only Items in the Reserve collection include course and essential textbooks, which students are required to buy. They also include a limited quantity of examination papers, photocopies of journal articles, personal copies of items loaned by lecturers, as well as items which are expected to be in heavy demand for a short period of time. Materials in the *Reserve collection are available for library use only. They are marked with a RED circle on the spine to assist you with their easy identification.
The Restricted (RES) Loan Collection 1 day (Overnight Loan) or weekend loans This collection is comprised of additional copies of required textbooks. Items in this collection are available for short-term loans only i.e. overnight and weekends. The spines of these resources are also colour-coded as follows:

Yellow for Day students only
Green for Evening students only

Items with no colour code on the spine may be borrowed by either day or evening students.
REF - Reference Library use only These include encyclopedias, dictionaries, maps and atlases, Theses, Syllabi, Past Papers, Information Files (newspaper clippings) and Notes. These items are for library use only.
PC - Professional Collection Academic Staff use Only Professional Collection - These are departmental collections, which are housed behind the Circulation/Reference Desk. These are available only to Academic Staff.
LND - Lending   This collection includes supplemental, fiction and other resources.
Periodicals and Newspapers Library use only These include academic journals and general journals and magazines (TIME, Smart Computing, and National Geographic).
Daily newspapers are available.

 How do I Borrow/Return items

All loans and returns are processed at the Circulation/Reference Desk.

Once you have located the item you want, take it to this desk. Present your University ID to the library assistant and the item will be checked out and issued to you. The return date will be stamped on the date slip, which is located on the inside cover of the book.

Books must be returned to the Circulation/reference Desk, on or before the due date stamped in it. Please wait until your records have been adjusted before leaving the desk.

 How do I place a HOLD on an item?

When checking the catalogue, if, under status, the item is listed as checked out, this means that it is out on loan. You may place a hold on the book by clicking on the HOLD link and filling in the required information.

 How do I obtain reference assistance ?

The Circulation desk doubles also as the Reference desk at which users may direct their inquiries for assistance or information.
Please remember that the library provides access to reference resources in print as well as online.
Electronic Reference Resources:
Our library has acquired a number of databases which can assist in your research.
Please consult library staff for assistance.

 Can I request resources from other libraries (not UTT Libraries)?

Inter Library Lending (ILL)
The University Library maintains partnership with a number of libraries in the country. These include the libraries of the University of the West Indies, Petrotrin Library, NGC Library, and the Ministry of Energy Library.
Requests can be made at the Circulation/Reference Desk.

 How do I use the library's computers?

Computers are provided for research and project work. There are computers with internet access for students and faculty. For greater efficiency of operations, you are kindly requested to comply with the following rules.
  • Sign in at the Circulation/Reference Desk for the use of a computer
  • Download software only onto personal memory storage devices, NOT onto the Hard Drive
  • Do NOT INSTALL software on the system
  • NO CHANGES are to be made to system settings, the start menu, backgrounds etc.
  • Use of Library computing resources to view any illicit (obscene/pornographic) material is prohibited. Violators of this policy will be removed from the Library and will have their Library privileges revoked. Please note that a report will be made to the relevant University authority.


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