Energy Systems and Petroleum was established to conduct research into renewable/green energy technologies, more efficient use of existing energy sources, and environmental issues. The Ministry of Energy has recognized the need to reduce the levels of greenhouse emissions, hence the requirement for more environmentally friendly means of power generation. There is also the need to preserve the natural resources of Trinidad and Tobago (namely oil and natural gas) by employing technologies that use them more efficiently. Considering the limited nature of these resources, it is imperative that the nation's long term energy supply be protected by conducting meaningful research into renewable energy sources and technologies.

To facilitate these national energy-related imperatives, Energy Systems and Petroleum has identified six (6) core research areas:

  1. Renewable Energy and Green Technology
  2. Power Systems and Electro-Technology
  3. Demand-Side Management
  4. Environmental Protection
  5. Thermal Systems Optimisation
  6. Petroleum Studies