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Getting Into The Goat Business


Kimberly Gay, left, and her sister Crystel.
Budding entrepreneurs 26-year-old Kimberly Gay and 24-year-old Crystel Gay are going into the business of selling live goats. Their company is to be called Trinidad Goats Ltd. “We are looking at setting up a production facility for the live animal market. We also considered if people want fresh meat, what options there are in terms of making relationship with groceries,” Crystel said.
The two said they have chosen goats because their research have shown that T&T is the tenth largest importer of goat meat. “That accounts for the frozen goat meat market. There is significant demand for the chilled and fresh meat market. People desire the fresh meat. If people have the option of getting it fresh locally, they would opt for it,” Crystel said. Supplying supermarkets with goat meat is not a first option for the Gay sisters as it involves packaging and health and safety issues.
“What we have found is in terms of the Islamic population and Baptist faith is that they require live animals for religious activities. Our primary market is that of the live market. The secondary market would be packaging for the supermarkets,” Kimberly said. Kimberly said they plan to have the goats feed on certain grasses, which will be a substitute for expensive grains that farmers sometimes feed them. The sisters plan to meet with Agriculture Minister Arnold Piggott to present their business plan and hope to get access to about ten acres of land in central Trinidad to rear the goats.
How the idea was born

The idea of creating Trinidad Goats Ltd was born at the University of T&T (UTT) business plan awards, which were held in July. The sisters, who come from Calcutta Road No 3, McBean, Couva, won the Vision 2020 Award and the People’s Choice Award. For them, entrepreneurship and business is not new as they grew up in a family-owned business run by their late father, Paul Michael Gay, who was a house contractor. He built National Housing Authority (NHA) houses and private homes. Apart from the contracting business, the family owned a hairdressing salon and a restaurant and bar.
Crystel said she liked driving to various parts of T&T while Kimberly attended to the payroll and dealt with the figures. One of the things Kimberly remembers the most while her dad was alive was their conversations about profit margin and good accounting. The sisters have already submitted the necessary documents to register their company with the Ministry of Legal Affairs. They are awaiting approval of those documents.
Nadaleen Singh
Trinidad and Tobago Guardian
Aug 27, 2009.