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May 5, 2010
 Six UTT Records are broken at Stingray Swim Meet
May 3, 2010
 UTT Football Athlete Selected for National Squad
May 1, 2010
 Mongo plans to develop fashion
April 28, 2010
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April 27, 2010
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April 3, 2010
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March 31, 2010
 UTT Student tops STLE International Forum
March 31, 2010
 First Citizens Award Won By UTT Post Graduate Student
March 26, 2010
 Rich Media Literacies and the Future of Education
March 25, 2010
 Fitness Assessment
March 22, 2010
 2010 Basketball league Update
March 22, 2010
 Ruptures into Silence
March 22, 2010
 UTT Students Sports Day 2010
March 17, 2010
 Call for Manuscripts
March 17, 2010
 Current Issues in Sociology and Education
March 10, 2010
 Prequalification of Contractors and Suppliers
March 2, 2010
 Quarry Rehabilitation with Special Emphasis on Agriculture
March 2, 2010
 Beyond Registration and Towards Accreditation
February 22, 2010
 Barker shines for UTT
February 21, 2010
 Tony Mason - Groovemaster
February 11, 2010
 100 Quick Wins
February 7, 2010
 UTT Branded Polos now available
February 5, 2010
 CaHMRI Newsletter 3
February 3, 2010
 UTT bests UWI in Energy Debate
January 27, 2010
 UTT- Steering the Way Forward in the Arts
December 14, 2009
 The 2009 Inter University/Campus Netball Champion is SFTI.
December 14, 2009
 Meet with Prof. Gray
December 3, 2009
 Celebrating the Civic Spirit
November 30, 2009
 UTT Volleballers Compete in A-Division National Championships 2009
November 28, 2009
 Soondarsingh retains national title
November 25, 2009
 CaHMRI Newsletter 1
November 16, 2009
 UTT High Performance Cricketer Selected for the Trinidad and Tobago U23 Tour to South Africa
November 16, 2009
 UTT High Performance Rugby Player Captains Trinidad and Tobago Rugby Sevens Team
November 13, 2009
 Classroom video conferencing connects UWRF globally
November 11, 2009
 Annual Report 2007
November 5, 2009
 Congratulations to SPE Student Chapter of the Month - The University of Trinidad and Tobago
November 2, 2009
 New Release: Golconda - Our Voices, Our Lives
October 23, 2009
 H1N1 - The Management of Pandemic Influenza at UTT
October 10, 2009
 UTT High Performance Coaches and Trainers on Course to Optimize the Athlete’s Development With Vern Gambetta
October 8, 2009
 UTT Athletes Perform Well in the THA & TEK Tobago Open Table Tennis Tournament
August 27, 2009
 Student Chapter of the University of Trinidad and Tobago Celebrates Graduation
July 12, 2009
 UTT Re-Registered for three years
May 6, 2009
 UTT Board of Governors member is lead speaker at Oxford Union debate
March 18, 2009
 The Academy at UTT Philharmonic Orchestra
February 4, 2009
 The Great Debaters

UTT Students Sports Day 2010


The UTT Sports Day on Friday, March 19th was a great success. The event started at approximately 10.30am with the parade of the teams. A contingent of 16 students from UTT-Tobago came over and lead off the parade of the teams. Since they only attended as observers and were not prepared to participate in the march past they were not judged.

The March Past was spectacular as team after team performed their routine to the delight of the crowd but the judges’ task was certainly a difficult one. In the end only one point separated the 1st and 2nd place winners. S.F.T.I., winners of the last Sports Day's March Past competition placed third this time around. The Knights of John D placed second, with the Lions of Valsayn being adjudged 2010 March Past Champions.

Taking the salute at the saluting base were six(6) officials in the persons of Professor Michael Gray (Acting President), Professor Prakash Persad (Acting Provost), Adlai Robinson (Acting Manager of A.S.L.S.), Cheryl-Ann Jackson (Student Development), N'koma Monsegue (Executive Student Guild President) and Ian Pritchard (Acting Manager, SUCCESS Unit, ASLS).

It was then off to the sporting activities. The events flowed smoothly as the team contracted, surely were professionals at conducting the sporting events. The campuses themselves had their respective teams and individuals well prepared and organised. Every event created fun and excitement among the supporters and spectators.

By 5.30pm Shenelle Lewis from O’Meara campus was declared the Aerobic Champion. The rhythm section burn-out saw Valsayn rolling up their tassa, while ECIAF with their drums and pieces of iron were not going to be rolled over, after all they are the defending champions from the basketball league opening. Corinth tried to be among the big guns in the rhythm section but the real competition was always going to be between Valsayn and ECIAF. The judges(Giselle and her team from 101 Bookstores) had to make a decision which would definitely be unpopular with the members of at least one of the two campus supporters. So they did the best thing and gave prizes to every player of both the rhythm sections. Hats off to 101 Book store, for a job well done.

When Mushtaque Mohammed, Senior Sports Officer, SUCCESS Unit of ASLS, announced that the results were in and the Champions would now be declared, one could hear a pin drop. It came down to either S.F.T.I. Drillers or the Green Revolution of ECIAF. "And the runners-up are" (total silence followed by a drum roll) "S.F.T.I. Drillers." Well, down came every member of the ECIAF team. The rhythm section started up again and the winning team members ran up and down the track, trophy in hand. Everyone was elated for them. Maybe the saying, "The last shall be first" has some truth in it because ECIAF placed 8th in the March Past and first in the overall Sports Day.

The entertainment section organised by the Students Guild brought an end to the day's proceedings. Umi Marcano opened the show, then Sherwyn Winchester got in on the act, Mark Voison of S.F.T.I. was next in line and at 8.00pm Blacks of Roy Cape began his 30 minute performance which brought the curtains down.

All in all, the Sports Day 2010 was really an enjoyable one. The SUCCESS Unit of ASLS and the Students Guild did a great job. Congratulations to the organizers for a successful event.