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March 25, 2010
 A Music Festival Victory for UTT
March 16, 2010
 MSc Industrial Innovation Entrepreneurship & Management
March 16, 2010
 UTT- Providing Education with a Global Vision
March 16, 2010
 A New Experience in the Arts
January 31, 2010
 UTT Rugby Player Honoured
January 29, 2010
 Wiltshire to defend First Citizens Chess title
January 29, 2010
 UTT seek three-in-a-row in All Sectors League
January 27, 2010
 UTT beat champions Fire
January 13, 2010
 UTT to grant doctorates to Sir Ellis Clarke and Prof. John Spence
January 13, 2010
 UTT’s Performance Arts Curriculum in September
November 20, 2009
 Volleyball star loved family
October 13, 2009
 UTT to grant doctorates to Clarke and Spence
September 14, 2009
 UTT Offers Certificate in Yoruba Language and Culture
August 27, 2009
 Getting Into The Goat Business
July 17, 2009
 100 UTT students to work at sport camps
June 16, 2009
 UTT students giving back
June 5, 2009
 Chalkie: Put the craft back into smut
May 22, 2009
 Fuel Your Performance
May 6, 2009
 UTT ‘A’ beats ‘B’ in table tennis league
April 13, 2009
 UTT unveils MHA programme
April 1, 2009
 UTT takes time out for style
March 24, 2009
 UTT signs MOU for sports development
March 20, 2009
 Schoolboys score shock chess victories
March 20, 2009
 IAYS launches 'Game On' programme for children
February 18, 2009
 UTT lead going into break
February 11, 2009
 UTT bests UWI in TSTT-powered debate
January 26, 2009
 George, Ottley lead UTT to second straight win
January 25, 2009
 Robot masters the tabla
January 24, 2009
 UWI/UTT students for debate at Petroleum Conference
January 2, 2009
 Non-alcoholic UTT

UTT- Providing Education with a Global Vision


The University of Trinidad and Tobago (UTT) is providing the spark to ignite careers with innovative and comprehensive programmes in new and burgeoning areas of study, as well as, programmes which cater to UTT's core offerings in engineering and technology. The University's integrated approach to learning ensures a holistic academic experience as students are able to focus on all aspects of their learning outcomes.

Programmes for the Maritime Industry
For many years, local students wishing to pursue studies in the maritime industry faced a bleak academic future. The exorbitant costs associated with overseas study and displacement from family and friends were impediments to exploring this option abroad. Recognizing this void, UTT has introduced the Diploma in Maritime Operations. This course of study prepares students for a career as shipboard officers in either the Navigation or Engineering disciplines, while introducing them to the wider maritime industry. Theory, simulator-room teaching and mandatory sea training are all aspects of this programme. UTT students have trained with reputable shipping companies such as the Belgian-based, EXMAR Ship Management and Edison Chouest Offshore Co Ltd. Upon completion of the one-year sea training period, graduates are sufficiently prepared to sit the examination for competency with the relevant authority. Successful candidates will then be rewarded with a Certificate of Competency for an officer in charge of a Navigation or Engineering watch at sea.

Additionally, students wishing to further their studies to pursue career choices in this industry can work toward the Bachelor of Science -Nautical Science, where careers in Port Operations, Port Planning, Environmental Management of Waterways and Coasts, Maritime Risk and Safety Management, Maritime Law, Cargo Planning and Ship and Classification Surveys, await. Ultimately, students also have the opportunity of attaining the Master of Science in Maritime Management at the University.

Caribbean Academy of Fashion and Design
Persons wishing to pursue studies in high-fashion are also able to capitalize as UTT's Caribbean Academy of Fashion and Design, the first of its kind in the Caribbean, aims to educate and train aspiring designers and managers in the art and business of fashion, with an eye toward developing a thriving Caribbean fashion industry. Stalwarts in local fashion, Peter Elias, Meiling and Claudia Pegus, among others, have all pledged their support and serve in advisory capacities to the Academy.  The Diploma in Fashion Design, Diploma in Fashion Management and Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree in Fashion Design, are all relevant to meet the needs of industry as UTT sets out to produce tomorrow's designers, fashion buyers, fashion stylists, consultants and product managers.

Programmes in Science and Technology
Several programmes in Biosciences, Agriculture and Food Technologies (BAFT) are also available at UTT. Persons opting for careers as food scientists, animal technologists, crop scientists or farming entrepreneurs are able to pursue the Bachelor of Science Degrees in Food Science and Technology, Biotechnology (Plant/ Animal Biotechnology options), as well as, the Bachelor of Technology in Animal Science and Technology and the Bachelor of Technology in Crop Science and Technology, among other programmes.

The Academy of Sports and Leisure Studies
The Academy of Sports and Leisure Studies (ASLS) proactively pioneers sport development, both locally and internationally and UTT has had the distinct privilege of hosting the inaugural congress of the International Council for Health, Physical Education, Recreation, Sport and Dance (ICHPER-SD) in May, 2009. Bringing together stakeholders from seven geographical areas to discuss and assess current sporting and physical education capabilities has been advantageous to the University.  ASLS holds steadfast to the ideal of a ‘sound mind in a sound body' and, at present, there are several elite athletes bestowed with the unique opportunity of studying and training on home soil.
Programmes such as the Certificate in Sport Studies, Bachelor's Degree in Sports Studies, International Masters in Sport for Development and the Executive Masters in Sport Management, allows students to explore career prospects in a wide spectrum of sporting careers, inclusive of, coaching, officiating, sport entrepreneurship and sport policy development.

The University of Trinidad and Tobago (UTT) is charting new territory in its pursuit of education with a global vision.  In so doing, the University provides nationals of Trinidad and Tobago with opportunities that are first-class and rewarding. Persons wishing to apply to these programmes are advised to log on to www.u.tt for more information.